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Washington State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IACUC forms

  1. IACUC uses Portable Document Format (pdf) forms. To fill out a new or 3-yr Resubmission, please download the pdf from the website. Choose the option to Save.
    This will save your form on your desktop. To edit the form your computer should have Adobe Reader version (v.11). You may download the latest version of Adobe Reader HERE!
    To amend an existing, approved protocol, download the last approved version of the protocol from the database. Choose Amendment of Approved Protocol option on the form,
    Fill up the little box that opens (right hand side of the form) and save the form. Submit to the IACUC an e-mail attachment.
  2. The Attachments Page does not work! You need to attach all materials to the body of the email.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IACUC coordinator in the number or email indicated below.

Contact the IACUC coordinator if you have any further questions!

Animal subject approval forms
Animal subject approval formPDF
Annual renewal formRTF (05/13)
Personnel addition formRTFDOC (6/10)
Template consent formRTF
Animal disposition formDOC
Holding protocol formPDFDOC
Guidelines for pain-levels in animal useDOC
Other animal subject forms
Reporting adverse/unanticipated eventsDOC
Post approval review formXLS
Animal transportation policyPDFRTF
Surgical record for all mammals other than rodents (cat, dog, cow, horse, pig, goat, rabbit)DOC
Surgical record for rodent fish_amphibian birdsDOC
Surgical record form (multiple animals) rodent fish amphibian reptiles BirdsDOC
FORM for reporting Animal Care ConcernDOC
Guidelines for reporting Animal Care ConcernPDF
Sample 1: log sheet for fluid and diet restriction (as provided by Policy #35).DOC
Sample 2: log sheet for fluid and diet restriction (as provided by Policy #35).DOC