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Animal Welfare Program Assistant Director
Alan Ekstrand
(509) 335-7951

Animal Welfare Program Staff
Kerri Kuykendall
IACUC Compliance Specialist
(509) 335-8043

Carmen Haines
IACUC Compliance Specialist
(509) 335-5353

Valeria Conforti
IACUC Compliance Specialist
(509) 335-1763

Director of the Office of Research Assurances
Michael Kluzik
(509) 335-9553

*For urgent issues, please contact either Alan Ekstrand and/or Michael Kluzik.

Non-Animal Emergencies

Please call 911

Animal Emergencies

Please call the Office of the Campus Vet at 509-330-1871

Animal Welfare Concern

If you suspect research/teaching animal misuse or noncompliance with federal regulations/campus policies, please report to:

• The IACUC at,

• Alan Ekstrand at (509) 335-7951,,  

• OR Compliance Hotline at (509) 335-1289,,

• Additional reporting options, forms and can be found at