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Washington State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Immunization Requirement: Tetanus

  • A tetanus booster within the last 10 years is highly recommended for all individuals who have recurrent animal contact. This is based upon guidance from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • You can document when you were last immunized for tetanus if you choose to enroll in the Medical Evaluation via the Occupational Health Training for Individuals with Animal Contact available in MyResearch (Compliance > IACUC > OHT-A Training). Please view IACUC Policy #38 for additional information.
Where and How to Get Immunized
  • Opt to participate in the Medical Evaluation component of the WSU Occupational Health and Safety Program. If you are actively involved in animal work and/or have frequent animal contact at WSU, the immunization may be able to be provided to you at no cost. Please contact the Animal Welfare Program Office at with any questions regarding this process.
  • Student Health at Pullman Memorial Hospital (if you are a current student at WSU)
  • Your Private Physician