WSU IACUC Policies

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#1: Adequate animal care in study area and satellite animal housing locations (8/2020)

#2: Protocol and amendment review (3/2020)

#3: Veterinary care of animals by veterinary researchers and veterinary faculty (3/2021)

#4: Animal care medical records for research and teaching animals (10/2021)

#5: Animal acquisition and disposition Policy & Guidelines (8/2019)

#6: Aseptic and perioperative surgical techniques (6/2022)

#7: IACUC oversight of research and teaching activities using privately owned animals (6/2018)

#8: Humane endpoints (3/2021)

#9: Off-Site WSU Research and Teaching Activities and Memorandums of Understanding (3/2022)

#10: Multiple survival surgeries & procedures for animal use protocols (5/2020)

#11: Expired drugs and medical materials (8/2020)

#12: Acclimation and stabilization of animals used for research or teaching (7/2021)

#13: Tricaine Methanesulfonate (MS-222) Preparation, Storage and Use (12/2020)

#14: WSU Animal Colony Health Surveillance and Quarantine Program (3/2021)

#15: Pest Control in Animal Facilities (2/2021)

#16: Antibody Production in Research and Teaching Animals (12/2019)

#17: Instructional animal use (3/2022)

#18: Adoption of Research and Teaching Animals (7/2020)

#19: Use of Shelter Dogs and Cats in Research and Teaching (5/2022)

#20: Personnel approval for animal protocols (1/2021)

#21: Tissue use (1/2022)

#22: Principal investigator on IACUC protocol (3/2021)

#23: The use of mouse ascites method in the production of monoclonal antibodies (10/2019)

#24: Determination and approval of amendments to animal activities previously approved by the IACUC (1/2020)

#25: Post approval review policy (3/2021)

#26: Holding protocol policy and use of holding protocol (10/2019)

#27: Procedure for addressing non-compliance with IACUC policies or procedures (9/2019)

#28: Euthanasia for research and teaching animals (6/2020)

#29: Use of non-pharmaceutical grade substances in laboratory animals (11/2019)

#30: Environmental enrichment at WSU (7/2021)

#31: Occupational Safety Requirements and Guidelines for the use of volatile liquid anesthetics  (6/2021)

#32: Use of tribromoethanol (Avertin) (11/2019)

#33: Animal Transportation (11/2020)

#34: IACUC semiannual inspections and program review (7/2021)

#35: Food, fluid restriction, and diet manipulation in animals (4/2020)

#36: Counting and Reporting Animal Numbers (2/2021)

#37: Reporting Adverse Events, Abnormal Behavior/Conditions and Incidents (3/2021)

#38: Occupational Health and Safety for Individuals with Animal Contact (8/2021)

#39: Mouse Colony Maintenance (11/2021)

#40: IACUC Review of Field Studies (7/2022)